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Drak Grey Chinchilla Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)

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Gender: Female
Age: 36
Last Activity: 24 month(s) ago
Location: Auburn, New York
Country: United States

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Dog, Mix: pug, doxie, beagle + terrier

Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)
Chinchilla, Drak Grey

CoCo (RIP)
Chinchilla, Mix between beige and grey

Chinchilla, Silver

Chinchilla, Beige

Dog, White German Shepherd

Dog, Siberian Husky

Pet: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)

Name Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)
Nickname Bruno
Species Chinchilla
Breed Drak Grey
Gender Male
Hometown Auburn
Country United States
Zipcode 13021
Birthdate 2006-12-02
Weight I'm a Big Boy
Favorite Activity Running free around the room, and getting to play with Mocha
Favorite Park Hiding in my dust bath house
Favorite Food Anything!
Favorite Treat Again, anything!
Favorite Toy My little stuffed pooh bear, I take him everywhere!
Best Trick Sneaking out of the cage when mom tries to feed me
Favorite Moments When I get my chin rubbed, I tilt my head back and close my eyes cause its the best!
Embarassing Moments Peeing on my parents comforter... opps and then the blanket on the sofa... double opps
Likes Chewing on anything, treats, and snuggling with my pooh bear! I love to sleep in bed with my mom and dad too!
Dislikes The plastic ball of death
My First Day Home I wasn't afaraid to go in the car, I was so excited that I sat on my mom's arm and looked out the window the whole time.
Bio I am learning how to give my mom kisses like Mocha does
About Me Not sure what happened. Woke up one morning and he had passed on. Mocha really misses him :(

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Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/08/31 08:16:53 PM
What's your favorite treat?

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/08/30 11:41:33 PM
Those crackers were really good:)I'm too spoiled as I'm sure you are too!

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/08/13 12:00:19 AM
By the way... were you neutered? Just wondering cuz you said your mom didn't know that Mocha was preganant. I wonder if I can still have babies. My manhood was taken away from me. =(

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/08/12 04:18:06 PM
CONGRATS!That's so wonderful for u&Mocha-Can't wait to see lots of pics:)&to find out name!

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/08/12 10:13:09 AM
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Aww, I wish I could have babies but my human neutered me!! My mom regrets it tho! HAHA. I hope you post pictures of your healthy baby! I would love to see it! =D Congrats again!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/08/12 03:01:20 AM
I'm a father!!!

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/08/03 08:26:14 PM
Argh, and that was supposed to be from ChiChi

Posted By: Apple 2007/08/03 08:25:51 PM
*like.... I type too fast and don't check what I write, LOL!

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/08/03 08:25:22 PM
You didn't like strawberry???? If you don't like them, then I don't think I'll let them too!! =D

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/24 04:53:24 PM
I also haven't noticed any smell from the ferrets.My mom gives them a bath once a mo.It's fun to watch them dry themselves off:)Baths too often make them smell b/c u strip away the oils on their skin so their forced to produce more-not good-so my mom says

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/24 04:47:56 PM
The ferrets have their own room-Rem got into my room while running around the house so I don't usually see them.I like to watch them threw their door.

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/07/23 11:00:40 PM
Hm... My parents haven't considered the strawberry mini wheats yet... but i reckon it would be ok to eat once in a while... maybe once or twice a week to be on the safe side? i still love my regular mini wheats! =D

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/07/21 05:19:42 PM
Oops... that last comment was supposed to be from ChiChi... not Apple. HAHAHA...

Posted By: Apple 2007/07/21 05:18:58 PM
I heard we have a lot in common.... I too have a roommate, and she's a girl chin! I like taking her food! Hehehe.... They're just so YUMMY!

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/19 11:05:40 AM
It's cool that your mom makes sure u have enough room to stretch your legs w/out the fear of the puppy:)I have to deal w/ferrets.Rem wants to hide me in her hidy hole-she doesn't get it-it's never gonna happen!

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/17 07:53:12 PM
It is kinda sad,but I like being in charge.I have a cage,but it's never closed.Bella,ferrets,&I have our own rooms.9am-5pmferrets run house5pm-12amWe have it-Bella in ball-we like to chase eachother:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/16 09:38:42 AM
Sadly you're probably right,but after what happened w/me&Bella dad says no more.We're running out of rooms in our house:(Mom made a note of your birthday:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/14 08:48:51 PM
You're sweet.I wish my mom brought home someone like u:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/13 05:26:31 PM
Oh my god!That is crazy-u poor guy-I feel for u:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/11 10:38:49 AM
I'm the only one who came home the right sex.Bella was a boy named Choo-Choo for a couple of years-poor girl

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/10 04:36:29 PM
When's your birthday?

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/10 03:58:38 PM
Me too!I pee on almost anything material especailly the chair that everyone tries to sit on&watch TV:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/06/10 02:24:40 AM
U connectedw/my sister Bella,but I definately think we have more in common!

Posted By: Bruno 2007/05/03 11:26:34 AM
You are way to cute.... BRUNO!!

Posted By: Jasper 2007/04/11 05:26:53 PM
That drunk smelly man is icky....do you want me to come over and bite him?!?

Posted By: 2007/04/11 04:11:05 PM
Welcome to Petster Rocky!

Posted By: Jasper 2007/04/10 09:42:20 PM
it's about time your mother put you on here! how is life going in the new house? is that mean drunk man still there?

Posted By: Mocha 2007/04/05 12:54:40 AM
Mom says she will try and re-post your pics soon when she gets some more time... till then you have to remain the faceless baby chin :)

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/03/27 02:01:12 AM
yay a new chinnie-chin! We are excited for you!

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