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Owner: Tyger

Standard Chinchilla Alvin

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Gender: Female
Age: 32
Last Activity: 102 month(s) ago
Location: Burke, Virginia
Country: United States

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Chinchilla, Standard

Baby (In Loving Memory)
Guinea Pig, Crested tortie and white

Bobo (In Loving Memory)
Rabbit, New England Lop

Dog, Black Lab

Guinea Pig, silky tortie and white

Cinni and Suga (In Loving Memory)
Mouse, Standard

Eleanor (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Teddy Bear

Gosmer(In Loving Memory)
Guinea Pig, Silkie

Grover (In loving memory)
Hamster, Black Short Haired Teddy

Harry (In Loving Memory)
Guinea Pig, Skinny

Harvey (In Loving Memory)
Rabbit, holland lop

Dog, Golden Retriever

Honey(In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Long Haired Hammy

Chinchilla, chin chin

Lucy (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Teddy Bear

Fish, Betta

Minimus Betticus (In Loving Memory)
Fish, Betta

Miss P
Rabbit, Big Lop

Molly (In Loving Memory)
Dog, Springer Spaniel

Munchkin(In Loving Memory)
Hamster, long haired hamster

Norton (We will miss you old man..)
Dog, Golden Retriever

Rabbit, Dutch Dwarf

Reenie (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, siberian hammie

Rat, Dumbo

Roushe (In loving memory)
Mouse, Spotted fancy mouse

Shelby (In loving memory)
Mouse, Spotted fancy mouse

Stewart (In Loving Memory)
Rat, Dumbo

The Sisters (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Long Haired Hammies

Truffles(In Loving Memory)
Guinea Pig, American Piggie!

Wally (In Loving Memory)

Pet: Alvin

Name Alvin
Nickname Alvinator
Species Chinchilla
Breed Standard
Gender Male
Hometown Burke
Country United States
Zipcode 22015
Birthdate 2003-06-14
Favorite Activity using the chinchiller to roll around on :)
Favorite Park the bathroom where I can run around an not get in trouble
Favorite Food mazuri pellets and hay
Favorite Treat Rasins, banana chips, dried apple and reg apple, carrots, and horse cookies!
Favorite Toy my big fluffy chair and hammock...and my wheel
Favorite Shows I dont like tv its too loud sometimes!
Best Trick riding my mom's shoulder while she cleans!
Worst Trick squeezing under the log holder in the fireplace
Favorite Moments getting the wheel started and using my chinchiller
Embarassing Moments trying to reach a hanging toy and missing and falling down
Likes treats and dustbaths
Dislikes being chased
My First Day Home I was adopted by my mom from a lady moving away. We instantly bonded and I got to run around the house and investigate all the new stuff. I got all these new toys from the store too so I was one happy chin!
Awards funniest chin ever!

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Alvin's Comments
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Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2008/03/14 05:19:41 AM
Spritie would've said thank you and that you're very handsome:)

Posted By: Princess 2008/01/30 12:49:14 AM
Hey there Alvin is a cutie!!!!!

Posted By: CoCo (RIP) 2007/08/31 07:10:16 PM
Come see my new pics :)

Posted By: CoCo (RIP) 2007/08/30 09:55:23 PM
I am getting sooooooooo big! I took my first dust bath the other day and I was just a natural at it :) Grandma found special vitamins for chins to add to the water to make sure mommy Mocha was getting and giving me all the nutrients I need.

Posted By: CoCo (RIP) 2007/08/13 10:51:53 PM
awww... thanks much!

Posted By: Mocha 2007/08/12 02:38:19 AM
I gave birth to a baby tonight! Mom was very surprised! It was my first litter and she had no idea I was even pregnant. My baby and I are doing well... poor mom she is a nervous wreck!

Posted By: Mocha 2007/08/11 12:16:45 AM
Mom says she must now go to Target... she likes to look at the s or xs dog shirts, but we are not fat enough for them :( I am small for my age and so is Bruno now, must be something about the petstore where we came from and the breeder they use

Posted By: Mocha 2007/08/10 11:39:09 PM
Gasp- so cute! Now you have given mom more ideas :) I do the dress up as I am patient, but Bruno says NO WAY

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/08/09 06:57:07 PM
Sorry about boring you w/all that stuff about my name.Chris told me you wouldn't know it unless I told you-his fault:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/08/09 05:42:29 PM
No,she's not that out there:)But for the longest time we only knew of the labels-Jill&Hobes.Wierd huh?

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/08/08 10:58:16 PM
No one has ever asked about that-My mom thought I was so tiny,jumpy,&cute like a sprite-if sprites are even cute-she thought I was-from day one I was Sprite then Spritie:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/08/07 04:55:43 PM
I would love to see the pictures you got back.I have to tell u I'm a complete moron when it comes to computers so if u need my e-mail just let me know:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/08/06 05:31:59 PM
We store her stuff in it&keep Spritie&the ferrets off the top of her cage&torturing her.It seems to be working pretty well-so far:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/08/06 05:28:31 PM
Well a new wooden house is good too:)Chris has had to constantly try to reconstruct cages to fit everyones needs.He cuts the wire to fit a wheel or dust bath.The1she has now-he took the wheels off&made a tall wooden base-

Posted By: ‚ô•Dounut R.I.P 2007/08/04 12:18:10 PM
are you commenting me?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/08/03 11:25:28 PM
WOW!Your getting a new cage&a new hammock?That's really cool-I've been begging my mom for some more stuff from Forchinate.My dad has 'created'my last 3cages.They're ok,but since I don't get to run like Spritie I think my cage should be HUGE:)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/08/03 08:04:36 PM
the people said "they don't make glass waterbottles, they are dangerous" my mom was like umm ok -confused- and then she went into the next city and to a PetCo and bought us a -gasp- glass waterbottle! ebay is a good option, thanks for the idea :)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/08/03 08:01:59 PM
Mom's been super busy lately... yeah it is no fun with only 1 pet store... no choices! We were always chewing through our plastic water bottles, so mom went to our petstore and asked if they sold glass ones so we would not ruin them and the people...

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/23 10:45:05 PM
Small animal stuff is soooooooooo expensive here! We only have 1 pet store and they charge a lot for everything :(

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/23 10:44:10 PM
No flying saucer wheel for us, mom said no way to the shipping fee, so we got a large wheel from the petstore... mom hemmed and hawed over it because she wasn't sure if we would use it or not and if it came from the local store she could return it

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/23 05:13:33 PM
That's so sad about that poor little girl hamster.My mom always got really attatched to hers.That's why she finally gave away all the hamster things-she can't stand that they live such a short life.

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/23 04:55:31 PM
You're lucky to have so many friends.Who do u get along w/?Have u ever gotten into a fight w/any of them?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/22 06:19:47 PM
We read your profile&my mom gets the same reaction from people-they can't believe that she puts us first&doesn't force dad to.They luv us&some people just don't get that!

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/22 06:13:42 PM
I luv food-as long as it doesn't have too much sugar or salt my mom will offer me a little piece:)How cool that u got new sisters.Where do they all sleep?U must have a huge home.

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/21 04:38:21 PM
You're so lucky-you're getting another order?I like plain cooked pasta-anything really my mom gives me that isn't saucy or spicy.Do you think u would ever want to go outside?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/20 04:34:00 PM
I didn't like the rose hips either-my mom found them at the petstore&they got stuck in my teeth,but the dried cranberries are soft,but not too sticky:)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/18 11:03:31 PM
The wheel is sooooooooo noisy though that we have, mom can hear it squeking from downstairs and through the door LOL so she put veggy oil on it and it would have worked if Bruno hadn't licked off all the oil after she did it

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/18 05:13:35 PM
Yeah mom loves those ferrets.They're ok,but Remmie wanted to "play"w/Spritie 1 time&got her in the face.She was not happy.She's ok now-that's why we're in 3 different bedrooms.Dad said no more chins-no room-cool w/me:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/18 04:29:00 PM
What happened w/your hammock?Did your mom get u the dried cranberries-those r really tasty:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/17 08:16:12 PM
Well if u do get a friend maybe it could be from somewhere like ForChinate Chins.My mom really wishes she could rescue another,but she just rescued another ferret-luckly he doesn't affect me:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/17 08:04:23 PM
I'm glad u like your stuff from ForChinate.Aren't they amazing?I never chewed a hanging toy like I chew theirs!Did u ever get your hammock?Do u like it?My mom caught me hanging out in it many times:)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/17 05:26:59 PM
The bird toys are pretty much the same at every pet store, so mom just buys things that look fun and different (made of wood and no plastics) Target and Walmart also carry wood bird toys here as well

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/17 05:24:17 PM
Mom got me a wheel for x-mas and I loved it at first sight! Kemper hated it and I would run on it all night and annoy him... LOL, now Bruno does it to me while I am trying to sleep

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/16 10:22:49 PM
Mom buys us bird toys to play with... as in the wooden ones, they are ok... see the problem is that all the toys for us are not made to really entetain but to snack on... do you have a wheel?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/16 10:11:50 AM
Keep me up to speed if u get a friend.Be careful&be ready for anything-look what happened when my parents brought Spritie home-We're happy,but only apart!

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/16 09:56:55 AM
It's so weird b/c my grandpa will put his hand in my cage& mom&dad freak out,but I have never bitten him.I think I get jealous of Spritie&the ferrets.

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/14 06:35:04 PM
If you ever do decide to get a friend or roomate make sure you do the research... females and females are ok, and a female and male are ok too (if you don't mind babies someday) but 2 males really shouldn't go together

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/14 06:33:38 PM
It is weird cause they don't really make toys for chins that are exciting, so by having a friend it is a little more fun to have someone to play with... but I do love my wheel!!!

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/13 05:17:31 PM
I don't really like my mom.I used to,but I've always liked my dad more-even tho mom takes care of us all.

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/12 11:32:39 PM
Did you know that when chins are most comfortable when they groom each other... Mocha grooms mommy's hair sometimes :)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/12 11:31:25 PM
Chins are just like people, we have moods too LOL I love to be held, but when I get madc qat my mommy I ignore her or sometimes I will bite her fingers

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/12 09:39:42 PM
WE are mysterious animals.I've been fine w/mom then nipped at her today-My mom likes your new color screen:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/11 05:18:55 PM
I sometimes will run fast around my cage&bounce of the walls like a mad women.Who knows why,but I feel better afterwards:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/10 04:24:04 PM
My mom went right out&got me a chinchiller!It is great!My sister presses herself up against sunny windows&lays on heaters.Weird,huh?

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/10 01:43:30 AM
the special tile in the pet store was way more expensive and half the size so she thought that was a good bargin... plus they say you can freeze water in a plastic bottle and cover it with a sock and they can use that cool off, or a bowl of icecubes works

Posted By: Mocha 2007/07/10 01:42:08 AM
Saw your post about the chinchiller and thought I would recommend what my mom bought us, she went to Lowes and got us 2 marble tiles, both for under $5, and she puts them in the freezer and then in our cage and they keep us cool all day

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/09 07:32:14 PM
I clucked before I sprayed my mom.She was trying to put me back in my cage.I'm a daddy's girl,but am better w/mymom:)What about u?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/09 04:52:47 PM
Never mind-mom just read your other message-thanks.She's definately going to check that out:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/09 04:48:01 PM
That'sounds so nice.Where'd u get yours?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/09 10:15:03 AM
What's a chinchiller?I want one too!

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/08 08:41:08 PM
Did u get the e-mail that my mom sent u?She's pretty slow w/computers,but she did respond about about the rescue she got the hammock from.Did u get yours?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/05 05:26:07 PM
I'm sure you'll like yours.It just takes me awhile when my mom changes my cage.I LOVE my hanging toy.I think it came from ForCHINateChins,where my mom got the hammock-maybe your mom could check it out:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/03 03:58:47 PM
My mom tried brushing me once.I didn't like it too much,but maybe u would.I got my hammock it's pretty,but I'm not sure about it yet:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/02 04:27:21 PM
We don't get a long at all!My mom thought I wanted a friend so they got Spritie-she's a yr.younger then me.I didn't want a cage mate.That was 4yrs.ago.Now we each have our own bedrooms,but the pampered girl still gets to run around the house&make me crazy

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/02 10:16:23 AM
I'm pretty good driving my ball around.I like to chase my sister.For some dumb reason she likes to sit still while I pull her hair threw the ball!Stange I know,but it works for me-until mom makes me stop:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/06/29 04:27:01 PM
I'll let you know how the hammock works out.Do u get to run free in your house?My sister does,but I get to use a big clear ball-it stops me from chewing things-including my sister:)

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/06/29 02:32:51 PM
I don't have a hammock yet,but my mom ordered one.Do u have one?Do u like it?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/06/28 10:42:25 PM
I just got a stuffed teddy.I love to sleep w/him.Do you have a stuffed friend?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/06/24 06:57:52 PM
U are a cute little guy!

Posted By: Kemper 2007/06/13 09:14:41 PM
Welcome to Petster! I am so gald to see another chin baby!

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Bella (RIP my sweet girl)

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