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Owner: ZoeyGirl

Husikey Mix Dog Dixie

ZoeyGirl's Profile

Gender: Female
Age: 31
Last Activity: 135 month(s) ago
Location: Woodruff, South Carolina
Country: United States

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ZoeyGirl's Kennel

Dog, English Setter

Dog, Husikey Mix

Dog, Cocker Spaniel

Dog, Yorkie Poo

Pet: Dixie

Name Dixie
Nickname Dixie Girl
Species Dog
Breed Husikey Mix
Pet Clubs: Date a Hottie
Gender Female
Hometown SpartanBurg
Country United States
Zipcode 29388
Birthdate 2004-10-31
Weight 75
Favorite Activity Running,jumping,and walking
Favorite Park Mickeny
Favorite Food Purina one mixed with wet food
Favorite Treat Chicken Wraps
Favorite Toy Chicken
Favorite Music Emegencey Vets
Favorite Movies Lassie,Shilo,and Lady and the Tramp
Best Trick Hop on two feet
Worst Trick stay
Favorite Moments When she hugged me for a whole day
Embarassing Moments When she jumped and nocked me down
Dislikes BEEF
My First Day Home She was a stray
Awards none
Bio She was a stray and i found her walking down my rode

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Votes this week: 0 Vote(s) Votes this month: 0 Vote(s)
Profile Views: 17097

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Dixie's Blogs

Dec 20, 2006 WoW.....You Hurt My Heart 9 Comments

Dixie's Comments
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Posted By: 2007/08/10 07:28:13 PM
we are bak on dogster.

Posted By: 2007/08/06 02:18:58 PM

Posted By: 2007/07/04 02:42:48 AM
MARRY ME BABY? I love you soo much and i never want to lose you again.

Posted By: 2007/06/22 05:01:49 PM

Posted By: 2007/04/16 03:39:32 PM
we would only we dont have pics anymore :(

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/12 04:15:20 PM
hey...aussie and bear s. left petster..we deleted them :( sorry..he loves you though

Posted By: 2007/02/05 06:48:19 PM
we were on...but..yea

Posted By: 2007/01/22 05:02:42 PM
so are we just bf/gf or what? cuz we cant get married?

Posted By: 2007/01/18 03:35:13 PM

Posted By: 2007/01/16 10:00:22 PM
yea, if you still love me!

Posted By: 2007/01/16 04:28:39 PM
NO! you broke up with me! *cries*

Posted By: 2007/01/15 05:50:45 PM
WHAT? NO!!!!! OMD! i just lost the love of my life! *runs out crying*

Posted By: 2007/01/14 09:30:36 PM
hmm...well you DID on me...what do you think is going to happen?

Posted By: 2007/01/11 02:24:40 PM
u cried? *smiles*

Posted By: 2007/01/10 04:47:25 PM
mom has to go now..but read my blogs....i wrote something for you!

Posted By: 2007/01/10 04:26:06 PM
wanna go on a date? I dont wanna break up either! I love you sooo much!

Posted By: 2007/01/09 04:13:05 PM
so you have a new boyfriend without breaking up with me? *cries* I love you sooo much Dixie *sighs*

Posted By: 2007/01/03 03:18:01 PM
Yea, I know..and Aussie doesnt care anymore..

Posted By: 2007/01/03 02:29:04 PM
We have tried that too! She blocked our computer from making a new account! and plus, dogs have reported us! we have tried that!

Posted By: 2007/01/02 02:38:34 PM
Randi hasnt written back yet!

Posted By: 2007/01/02 12:58:50 PM
grrrreat now that you are here!

Posted By: 2007/01/02 12:39:46 PM
Hey baby!

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/28 04:36:52 PM
She dont like for yall to interfer with her dogster love life

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/28 04:27:27 PM
She did in Paw-mail i think

Posted By: 2006/12/28 03:23:06 PM
the message, i read the rosette. but i love her sooo much....i just didnt like that she didnt tell milo

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/28 03:18:04 PM
The message or rosetta

Posted By: 2006/12/28 03:13:27 PM
what did it say?

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/28 03:07:01 PM
yea i wrote you a message

Posted By: 2006/12/28 03:02:47 PM
u there?

Posted By: 2006/12/28 02:50:09 PM
well, good, cuz I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/28 02:43:48 PM
Idk if Zoey is coming back but i am staying

Posted By: 2006/12/28 02:41:58 PM
idk...we came back though for you and zoey!

Posted By: 2006/12/27 03:20:48 PM
Hey, I dont know why they left...she just said that she wanted to talk to flashy and he wouldnt and either will Jose and so they left!@

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/27 01:07:38 PM
She said paw - mal her on dogster and she does love you

Posted By: milo 2006/12/27 01:03:15 PM
i am with zoey and i love her and told her that she can be who ever she wanted i didnt make her be with me she chose to love u babe

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/27 11:51:53 AM
Fade just needs to shut her mouth

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/27 11:50:41 AM
Oh, yeah> Fade hurt my feelings too. D:

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/27 11:46:57 AM
Okay then what? O.o

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/27 11:31:17 AM
Well i will Have a talk to her

Posted By: 2006/12/27 11:26:24 AM
i thought so too. but then she deleted herself and went on dogster and said that she only loved milo and stuff like that

Posted By: 2006/12/27 10:25:40 AM
sry to say, ut way ur sister did to ausie was VERY mea. she said that she loved him more etc. and i read the posts on crushes. thats not very nice!

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/24 03:05:32 PM
Of course she does and When are you gonna pop the question she is not here right now

Posted By: Chico 2006/12/24 03:03:43 PM
Oh...k..? Well..she still loves me doesnt she?

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/23 07:19:58 PM
Oh she was just checking

Posted By: Chico 2006/12/23 06:02:36 PM
Yeah I am still dating her!!! I love her!!! :D

Posted By: 2006/12/19 02:04:13 PM
hey sweetheart

Posted By: 2006/12/18 07:55:41 PM
I know he is...we made a deal to try dating others until Thursday..and if we hate it..then we will get back together!

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/18 03:49:50 PM
i still love you too.....and cookee said that you were comming on dogster agian

Posted By: 2006/12/18 03:46:10 PM
I still wanna be with you on here! I love you too much to let you go...*starts to tear up*

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/18 03:43:11 PM
no im not dating anyone im just talking to random boy dogs ..I havent went on a date yet

Posted By: 2006/12/15 08:20:48 AM
R u going to date someone else on dogster?

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/14 05:25:48 PM
Well, we can date here

Posted By: Dixie 2006/12/14 05:25:40 PM
Well, we can date her

Posted By: 2006/12/14 05:22:01 PM
I thought we were over? you told dogster that!

Posted By: Cookee 2006/12/13 04:34:56 PM
DIXIE!!! SAY hello to rocky for me!! tell him i LOVE hiM!!!

Posted By: Beba in ♥ Memory 2006/12/13 10:03:45 AM
You are cute, like me!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/12 06:04:09 PM
Whoa O.o hi there

Posted By: 2006/12/12 05:57:41 PM
Im sure you know my BFF Kifa? :D

Posted By: 2006/12/12 05:57:15 PM
welcome to petster :3

Posted By: 2006/12/12 05:51:56 PM
Dixie! Bear is coming on here...Sit...Stay!

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