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Jan 02, 2008 Perineal Urethrostomy
Aug 07, 2006 Will the real Salem please stand up?!

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Will the real Salem please stand up?!

Monday Aug 07, 2006 05:18:00 AM

Well, the past few days have been horrible. Salem had a urinary blockage again. Last year he had one and almost died. His blood pressure dropped, he had an abnormal potassium level, had a heart arrhythmia and the toxins started to back up into his kidney which almost caused him to have kidney failure. They wanted me to put him down because they didn't think he would make it, but I knew he would and he pulled through. He's been perfectly healthy until now. Last Tuesday I noticed he couldn't urinate again, so my grandmother and I brought him to the vet office. The doctor said we got him there in time and he wasn't anywhere near as bad as he was last year. We were told that he was going to have to stay for about 2 days. Also, the doctor knew we were in a financial bind, so he tried to help us out. Last year it was $1,000 in the animal hospital in Manhattan (Different place) and this time he said he would charge about $368. We were grateful for that. Well, we left and called the next day on Wednesday to check up on him. They said the catheter was hooked up, but he didn't urinate yet. My grandmother called again on Thursday and they told her he started to urinate Wednesday night after we had called, but they needed to keep him one more day just to make sure. My grandmother told them she wasn't going to pay anymore than what we already agreed to and the woman said that it was alright and the extra day would be free of charge. My grandmother called 4-5 times on Friday and it seemed as though the vet kept avoiding her calls. Each time she called, the person who answered the phone would tell her he wasn't available to speak to her and that we couldn't come pick Salem up until we spoke to him. My grandmother told the woman that she was going to come anyway because he's already been there more than he was supposed to. We were both suspicious, so that's why we didn't want to wait. I wasn't feeling well, so my grandmother and aunt went to go pick Salem up for me. When they got there the people made them wait 2 whole hours in the office before they even brought Salem out. They started to argue with my grandmother and told her nobody ever said that Salem was able to urinate Wednesday night and that she should have waited. Well, when my grandmother knows she's right she doesn't let anyone contradict her. So they argued for a while. Then they gave her some medication to bring home with Salem. My grandmother woke me up when she got home, so I wasn't really thinking straight. I was still really tired. I looked at Salem and he looked fine. I tried playing with him, but he wasn't really in the mood. My other cat, Nala, walked into the room and they both arched their backs, fur standing and were hissing and growling at one another. My grandmother and I found that very strange, but I thought it was because they haven't seen one another in a few days, so maybe they were just in shock. After a few minutes they weren't fighting anymore, but they also weren't buddy-buddy. Then again, they never are, so it was kind of normal. So, he proceeded to go eat and use the litter box and acted really calm. Then he walked into the kitchen and started meowing really loud. At that point we were in complete shock because ever since Salem was a kitten he was never able to meow like that. He has always had problems with his throat, so normally little chirps and squeaks just come out. Well, my sister came over to the house and Salem walked right over to her, purring and all. She looked at me and said "What the hell?!...Is this Salem?!" because Salem hates my sister with a passion and for some reason he always hisses and bites her. Then both, my sister and grandmother kept saying it wasn't him. I of course didn't ever think something like that could ever happen (Being sent home with the wrong cat). Both, my sister and grandmother kept bugging me to check if it was really him, so I said "Are you friggin' serious? Yeah,'s George the cat!". Being sarcastic, of course. I got fed up with it and just made sure. I picked his front legs up so that I could see his belly and was looking for the few white hairs and two noticeable nipples he's always had since he was a kitten. They were nowhere to be found plus he was flipping out when I was holding him which was not like him at all. I started to panic. He walked into the dining room and laid under the table. He started to knead the floor with his paws and I noticed white dots where his toes were. I squeezed his paws gently and out came nails. I had Salem declawed about 3 years ago. By the way please don't get on me for that. I feel horrible as it is. I finally found out how that procedure was done last year. If I had known how it was done before then I definitely wouldn't have done it. So, I started screaming, cursing and crying because I thought that was the reason the people at the vet office were avoiding us the past couple of days. They must have killed Salem then sent me home with some duplicate of him. He looked exactly like Salem. I'm obsessed and really attached to my cats and even I couldn't tell it was the wrong cat, which was surprising. I didn't know what the hell was going on, so my grandmother called them up right away. The woman told her to come by the next day because it was so late and they would figure out what's going on. I tried grabbing the phone out of my grandmothers hands and I screamed at the b*tch on the phone. I said "Where the f*ck is my cat? I want my f*cking cat and he better be fine!". Then the woman said come right over because she knew if I would have had to wait a whole night without knowing anything I would have flipped out on everyone even more the next day. Me and my sister went into the living room with the fake Salem and closed the door because we needed to put him in the carrying case and I wasn't sure if he was going to go crazy. He was a really sweet cat the whole hour and a half we had him, but we weren't going to take any chances considering he doesn't know us and he had claws. We tried to slide him into the case a few times and he wound up scratching my arm and was growling at both of us, so my sister gets a sweatshirt and we placed it over his body and slid him in the case. Once he was in there we pulled the sweatshirt off. We hop in a cab and when we got to the vet office the gates were down already. I seen a woman and a man in the back, so we started to shake and bang on the gates, but the a**holes didn't hear us. My sister was able to squeeze her arm through the gates and knock on the window. They finally heard us and pointed to the side exit. We walked around the corner to the door and the second they opened it all I said was "Where's my cat?!". They said "What?...", so I said "Where's my cat?!?!?". They brought us to the back room where all the animals were. The guy pointed to the cage and said "He's right there". We couldn't see anything because it was so dark, so my grandmother told them to put the light on. They put the lights on and reached in and picked Salem up by the scruff of his neck. I immediately ripped Salem out of the f*cking a**holes hands and broke down crying because I seriously thought they killed him. I was so happy to see him alive and I don't think I have ever hugged him that hard before in my life. I didn't say one word to the sh*t heads after that. They kept apologizing to us, but their "sorry" didn't mean sh*t to me at that moment. My grandmother told them how much we spent on the cab and that she wanted the money for it and wanted them to pay for a cab back home. They handed over the money and started to laugh and the guy said "I know you're not amused right now, but some day you'll look back and find this funny". I looked at him and was about to knock him the f*ck out, so my grandmother just sort of pushed me out the door because she knew I was going to flip. We got home and Salem was just so happy to be here. He was looking for food, using the litter box and urinating a little bit, following my grandmother everywhere and attacking my sister like he normally does. Nala seen him and started hissing, but I think that's just because she was still in shock and probably thought he was still the intruder from earlier. The next day when we had to give him the medication my grandmother said they told her and my aunt that we had to give him 1 dose of one medication and 2 doses of the other one each day. I noticed the boxes both said 2 doses of each. We called up to complain about that because I would have been under medicating him for a week and he wouldn't have gotten any better. How the hell are such irresponsible people going to be working in a profession like that? They can't even differentiate their own patients. That cat could have attacked my other cat, Nala, my niece or anyone else in my family. He could have given my cat diseases that he may have had, like FIV or Feline Leukemia. Or what would have happened if I had a dog that was only used to my own cats and it would have killed this other persons cat? There was so much at risk for their stupid a** mistakes. If they didn't know which cat was ours they should have asked my grandmother and/or aunt to go in the back to show them instead of f*cking doing eeny meeny miney moe or whatever the hell they did. That mix up with not knowing whether or not Salem urinated on Wednesday was probably because all those days they were giving me and the other person mixed updates on both cats. The other cat was probably the one who had to stay the extra day, not Salem. Now what's even more ridiculous is that they're overcharging us. They added on a couple of more things to the bill. We're not paying them anything more than what we already agreed to especially after this mix up. I'm trying to find a lawyer who deals with animal/pet cases like this because I seriously want to make them realize how big of a problem they caused. I wish I could have gotten in touch with the other person who's cat I had and tell them about it. I bet they wouldn't be too happy about it. I doubt the people at the vet office even told the person about the whole situation because they don't want to get in even more trouble than they already are. What sucks is that I don't have any vets in my area. My local one passed away a few years ago, so I'm pretty much stuck with these a**holes. I go to 2 different offices and both of them are affiliated with each other. >:O

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Posted By: Salem ♥ 2006/09/08 02:50:04 PM
Well, basically the morons at the vet office gave me the wrong cat to bring home and told me to give him the wrong amount of medication. I got Salem back the same night and he's doing fine now, but it was just a really stressful and crazy situation. >:O

Posted By: Boomer 2006/08/07 12:25:55 PM
Sorry it's a bit long to read. Could you sum it up in a paragraph:> I'm willing to help with the problem. Get better-Boomer Bird:>

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