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Tuesday Feb 13, 2007 10:31:00 PM

“I've noticed if you're a pug owner, you're pug-crazy.”
--Crystal Key

“It's just fun to get together with a lot of pug owners. The competitions are kind of silly, we're all really here just to have fun with our dogs.”
--Kevin Barron

“This is the biggest it's ever been. We have about 150 pugs here. I first started the event because I just thought it would be a great thing for local pug owners. I think it has worked out even better than I envisioned.”
--Suzanne Sanders

“We're just nuts about pugs.”
--Gloria Frank

“Since the various types of Chinese porcelain were made for specific markets, including Portuguese, Dutch and English, this was reflected in the subjects. A good example would be the pair of pug dogs, popular in England in the 18th century.”
--Michael Cohen

“Three nuns are skinny-dipping on Lake Travis. And a very cute pug dog floats out on a door and bites them and turns them into zombies.”
--Dan Eggleston

“We had a guy two years ago and his pug who had a great time running the 10K.”
--Janine D'Anniballe

"People are traveling more with their pets. Tiny dogs are portable, but the pug is more robust."
--Janet McCulley

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