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We're Really Spoiled!

Monday Feb 19, 2007 10:41:00 PM

C went shopping with Miskiyah yesterday at Bintaro Plaza and she bought a couple of bags for carrying C'est Moi. There's no bag for dogs in Pet Shops here, so she just bought bags that fit her. Her favorite's the stuffed airplane bag :o)

She also bought a white made-in-China white teddy bear. She didn't need another teddy bear, but she bought it because she wanted the teddy's coat for either me or C'est Moi. Well, I'm growing bigger and taller faster than C'est Moi, so it fits him more. But it's in pink and my brother doesn't like to wear it in public, I guess. I took some shots on it, too, though. And C thought I looked like a Princess on it ;o) The teddy is given to Miskiyah 7 years-old little girl. Her name is Yani. Yes, she's human.

Last Saturday night, C brought home a new bed for us! It's yellow and we LOVE sleeping on it! She also bought a big bag of our favorite dry food and some baked dog biscuits. We don't really like the biscuits, but well...

C isn't rich, but she loves us and spends time with us a lot. And that's priceless. I think we're ones of the most luckiest puppies in the world!

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Posted By: Pepper 2007/02/25 10:15:47 PM
u look very happy!! ur a lucky puppy!

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