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UT OH... groomer time

Sunday Oct 22, 2006 03:31:00 PM

I heard the "G" word today... Mom mentioned that next week we're going to the GROOMERS... That's always bad news... My big baby brother, Rogaine, really doesn't need to go to the groomers as he doesn't have much hair, but he whines and cries when he doesn't go, so Mom has to take him. My big brother YogiBear has long silky hair, so Mom usually lets him keep a long coat for the winters.

But as for me? Mom says I have 'cotton ball hair', whatever that means. So she usually tells that groomer lady to 'take it all off except for the feet, ears, bangs and tail tip'. BRRRRRRRRRR

Today I heard Mom ask my Dad if he wanted 'just the face and feet' done... At first I thought she meant I was going to some kind of pupper spa or day salon, but then she said that "G" word, so I knew it was the groomers. Dad always has the last word on me 'cause I'm his "sweetie". Dad said he had to think about it and he'd let Mom know later.

Right after that, I saw Mom had a jello and of course I had to have a lick of that. I'm the best licker of all of us here - even Mom will tell you that. So for a few minutes, I forgot about that gosh darned groomer as I got to lick the last of the jello.

When it was all gone, I remembered again about what was headed my way next week. So I thought I'd best go give Dad some pupper kisses and remind him what a good BooBooDog I am - that I'm his favorite - that I'm the cutest according to him.

For some reason, he didn't want any of my kisses - until I realized I'd stuck my head down too far inside the jello bowl - and I'd left that red jello all over my lower whiskers!

Now for SURE I'm going to the groomers!!!

Love, BooBooDog

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