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Whiddlin' Problems

Sunday Nov 10, 2002 10:31:00 AM

(REAL Family Press - 11/11/02 - copyright Linda Nelson)

Well, after four days of solid rain, we had a clear and sunny day yesterday… However, for some strange reason, the puppers all had brain flatulence after these four days of rain… Maybe they thought it was a new training program… I don't know… LOL…

But for four days, I did absolutely EVERYTHING in my power to get these three puppers to go potty outside… They'd come to me and tell me in their own special way they had to go… Rogaine stands and wolf hollers at you… YogiBear goes to the door, then comes back to you and yaps at you, then rushes to the door again…

So we'd go to the door, open it up, they'd look out the opened door from side to side, and then look up at me like Id lost my last bit of sanity… "What do you mean? You want ME to go OUTSIDE when it's drizzling (raining) and get MY feet wet? Not in this lifetime, Lady~!!"….

Thirty minutes or less, we'd go this process all over again… At times, I'd run around after them, and one by one -- open the door and shove their butts out… At other times, I'd get them all excited so they'd run to the door with me and I'd throw 'cookies' out so that (hopefully) they'd be out the door before they realized it was drizzling outside and the door closed….

I even went so far as to get their leashes and an umbrella, telling them we were 'going bye byes' and walked out into the backyard holding the leashes as I also got wet… Or I'd put on my slicker and walk them in the park to get them to do their business...

Tell me why they don't mind getting wet if they're walking in the park as opposed to their own back yard?... I don't get it… One night I even put sandwich bags on Rogaine's feet with rubber bands (because he doesn't like his booties) at 3AM in the morning (pitch black), he decided that he would go out to go potty… Maybe he couldn't see the rain and then couldn't feel the wet on his feet… However that worked only in the middle of the night and only for Rogaine…

The boys will go out (eventually), do their business and then they head for the patio door… BooBooDog on the other hand, is the smallest and takes the LONGEST amount of time to decide when or if she's going to go, and then the actual action is less than 5 seconds… Geezie, peezie~!!!... She'll stand there, hold one paw up and look at you with this pitiful look on her face, like "Mom, why are you doing this to me? What kind of a mom are you??"… Walk three, four steps, hold up another paw and give you that pitiful look again…

So yesterday, no rain and I thought, no more problems… NOT… Each and every time they had to go potty, they'd do their 'potty alert' behaviors, you'd open the door, they'd look out from side to side and STILL NOT GO OUT~!!... Lord have mercy… Now what's the deal??... I'm still running round behind them, either shoving their butts out the door or trying some trick to get them outside…

With a sick child at home during this time and these three puppers, I was just about to lose what mind I have left… I guess I was tired and fatigued from the past several days and it all broke late last night…

Last night about 3:30AM - 4:00AM, I had the three of them out going potty and the winds had picked up 'round here about 2AM… To get these puppers out late at night (I guess they're afraid of the boogie man), you have to go out and stand there with them…

All of a sudden, our shed out back gave one of its normal groanings and buckle sounds from the wind… It scared YogiBear, who standing close to the shed, took off but didn't see BooBooDog two feet in front of him… She, bumped from the butt without warning, took off like a shot out of a gun (never EVEN looking back) and Rogaine (right in the middle of whiddlin about 2 yards away) tried to run as well…

Guess males can't move that well when they're right in the middle of whiddlin'… And Rogaine would take a few steps, leaking all the way, his back legs were getting wet between tryin to run and the wind whippin' 'round… So he had to keep stopping and shaking one or the other of his back feet…

But still leakin, and still tryin' to run cause the twins were, he was doin' this 'fast walk, leakin, stop, shake a foot, fast walk' thingy all the way from the back yard to the patio door… Once he got to the back door and could go no further, he stands, looks back at me with this look at me of total confusion, utter disgust and being totally upset as he 'finishes and shakes'…

LOL… All I could do was stand there and laugh at them… BooBooDog's crouched and lookin' round like she's just seen a ghost… YogiBear is lookin' at ABSOLUTELY nothing else other than willing that door handle to turn with pure determination, not even botherin' to look at me… And Rogaine's got absolutely no idea what's goin' on, 'cept his back legs are wet and he's not happy at that prospect at all~!!!

There I stand in my jammies on the patio, in the middle of the night with these Santa Anna winds whippin' round and all I can do is laugh until I cried… And the three puppers must have thought I'd truly lost my mind because there I am, still on the patio and that magic patio door didn't open as soon as they approached it~~!!

It's time like this I wonder what goes on in their little pea brains… Sometimes from their facial expressions you can get a clue, but at other times, your imagination is a better guide… I've often wondered about this guys (yeah, I know - I gotta get a life, huh?)… I'd love to be able to understand what they're thinkin' about… I have a book that tells you to spend a couple of hours only on your hands and knees (no getting up for at least an hour) to get a clue about what they see, the sensory inputs they get and a different perspective… It's helped, but because it's just not one pupper, but the 'pack' mentality and perspective I have here, it always makes me wonder…

If nothing else, it was a stress relief to stand outside and laugh at these guys last night… I hope they'll 'unlearn' the 'rainy day training' they've taught themselves in the past week… I know this much - they're much smarter than we give them credit for, because they outfoxed me over this time and time again….

As Always, The Lady

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