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Weird with a capital "W"!

Wednesday Jan 23, 2002 11:01:00 AM

(REAL Family Press - 1/23/02 - copyright Linda Nelson)

I like Good N' Plenty and so do the puppers... Generally I keep a handful or two of it in a small glass aside of my portable workstation... And I've caught BooBooDog sneaking over to the glass when she thinks I'm not around and sneaks a few of them...

Today I handed out a few 'do your tricks' Good N' Plentys to the puppers... YogiBear did his twirling on his back legs, BooBooDog did her 'walk-walk-walk' and Rogaine did his jump... But today we had a new twist on the 'sneak and snitch' attack when YogiBear decided to duplicate BooBooDog's sneaking...

After I'd handed out the candy, I reached over and pulled out one of those Listerine strips (from the PocketPaks that are being sold today - they're small strips of some kind of synthetic that you pop in your mouth, it melts and releases the Listerine) and then I laid it down on the side of my workstation tray...

I went to the bathroom first and then to the fridge to refill my soda... And as my back was turned, YogiBear must have gone up and snitched the Listerine strip, 'cause it was no where to be found and he's a spitting and a shakin' his head and a frothin to beat the band! That'll teach him~!! Well, I guess he does have great breath now but geezie, peezie~!! Was he ever shaking his head to try and get rid of whatever had just melted in his mouth~!! He dashed over to the water dish and even that didn't help much... LOL...

Something to be said for stolen fruit, huh?...

YogiBear must be going through a mid-life crisis anyway... He's started this new behavior with Paul in the evenings now... He jumps up in Paul's lap, Paul starts rubbin' his belly and when Paul stops, YogiBear starts growling... Paul starts rubbing his belly again and the growling stops... The two of them do this non-stop until I about lose my mind... Sometimes I feel like I have 5 kids around here instead of one, ya know?

Or maybe it's a 'guy thing' and a full moon combined... Rogaine's been acting goofy as well... He's taken to 'nosing' up the blankee on the couch into almost a nest and then sits on it like a chicken sitting on a catch of eggs... He tucks his legs underneath and whenever Des tells him it's 'potty time,' he growls at her all mean-like...

The first couple of times he did it, Desiree backed off and I told her that it was the wrong thing to do... That she should give him a slight tap on his butt and make him get up off his 'nest' and go potty anyway... So she's started doing that -- she says "Potty-y-y-y-y", he starts growling at her - she taps the back of his butt, he still looks at her all mean-like, but he goes outside at the end anyway... MEN~!! ... LOL...

Yesterday I had the end of a ham bone that I couldn't figure out how to cut into 3 pieces... Rather than just throw it away, I took the puppers outside and thought they'd share... Naw, not these puppers... We had the 'indians circlin' the wagon train' here until I couldn't stand it any more...

So I pulled out the portable yard we have for them, encircled the ham bone and gave each pupper 15 minutes at the bone... Because the other two couldn't get into the portable yard, they just kept circling the yard and growlin' at whose ever turn it was at the bone inside the portable yard...

No joke... Every 15 minutes I'd go out, lift one pupper out of the portable yard and put another one inside of it... This went on for over 2 hours yesterday afternoon...

But of all the goofy things around here, Rogaine takes the cake with everything that goes on... If we spray doggie cologne on either of the twins (even across the room), Rogaine sneezes... If you turn Rogaine on his back and rub his belly, he sneezes... And when he sneezes, they're BIG WET ONES~!!

And just to get to the sneeze, he has to make all of these weird faces, squirrelin' up his jaws and wrinklin' up his face until he looks like he's a Shar Pei instead of a Chinese Crested or Peruvian Inca Orchid!... If you rub the back of his neck, he starts scratchin his belly... He gets that foot a-goin' like a fiddler in a Blue Grass band...

And 24/7, he 'talks' at you with sounds and looks that tells you exactly what he wants... Last night I heard him giving me that "come find me, Mom" noise he makes... I'm lookin around for him and can't find him anywhere...

Apparently "Ole Piglet Goofy" went underneath one of the couches after one of his toys, kept at it and then got himself stuck underneath the couch... I lifted up one end of the couch and out he comes, giving me one of those "I intended to be under there and I wasn't really stuck" looks... He then walked back over to where his red lobster toy was, picked it up, put his tail into the air and walked away like all of these events went exactly as he had planned them... Yeah, right...

No wonder at the end of the day I think I've had a busy day and haven't accomplished anything!

As Always, Stay Safe, The Lady

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