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More care than others - more attitude too!

Monday Feb 18, 2002 11:11:00 AM

(REAL Family Press - 2/18/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA The Lady) BR>
The same day I got the crème, I also bought different toothpaste for the puppers – this one was chicken flavored cause Rogaine always gives me such a hard time when I brush his teeth… Well, I gotta tell you – he just must hate the teeth brushing cause BooBooDog was spending more time eating the chicken-flavored toothpaste and YogiBear stood without any trouble, but Rogaine?… I needed backup support and the whuzy baby still cried when I brushed his teeth~!! Lord have mercy… Later I applied the crème to his licking spot and for the rest of the day, Rogaine refused to even look in my direction, so upset at me he was… Talk about doggy attitude!... Geesh!

How can any dog that needs more attention than others have such an attitude about being taken care of?… He’s OK with putting on and taking off his sweater, but hates having to have the sunburn lotion put on… Or the Neutrogena lotion throughout the year to keep his skin “soft and tender”…

He’s always the first one that wants in, the last one that wants to go out, the first one to squirm underneath the covers and settling down for the night?… Oh brother~!! It’s worse than 5 kids being put to bed at night…

Twisting and turning, sighing, moving ‘round and getting comfortable… Then he snores throughout the night like a wind tunnel~!! … LOL… Ya gotta love him though~!! He wiggles that worm tail of his at you and then looks up with those dark eyes and just steals your heart away… What a sweetie!

I didn’t move the couches back after we took the Christmas tree down, so the puppers have taken to using that part of the house as a jungle gym, racing ‘round the coffee table, jumpin’ up onto the couches, flying off the tops of the couches onto the carpet below… Sometimes it’s worst than a zoo around here… with three kids~!!

But the worst one of all is the BooBooDog… She knows without a doubt that regardless of what she gets into or does, she has the protection of the ‘Grand Po-paw’… Regardless of diggin in the mud and coming into the house with four muddy paws, causing an immediate bath… Or openin’ up the pantry so the boys can snitch a few pigs ears… Or sneaking over to my Diet Coke and taking a few stolen laps (she only likes the mix of Diet Coke and Lemon Diet Coke – can you believe it?), she’ll never get fussed at or put in jail (the kennel)…

Now if one of the ‘boys’ did the same thing, they’d be fussed at to no end, but BooBooDog knows she’s immune to ‘punishment’ of any form because she’s Paul’s dog… She makes sure that she always loves up to the Grand Po-paw either before she’s gonna get into mischief or immediately afterwards --- I swear she does this~!!

I’ve watched her do something she knows she’s not supposed to and before Paul discovers it, runs, leaps into his lap and starts lovin’ up on him to no end~!! You can’t tell me that she doesn’t buy ‘love insurance’ to keep herself out of trouble… LOL… So much for Paul being one of those ‘tough, rouge cops without a heart,’ huh?…

YogiBear got ‘jailed’ the other night for chasing Precious down the hallway (a new not-nice behavior) --- 10 minutes in the kennel OMG ALONE… Major time-out for them – separating them is a major punishment around here… BooBooDog immediately jumped up on Paul, crawled up underneath his chin and you couldn’t get a toothpick between the two of them…

She knew something was up, didn’t know if she was in trouble or not, but she wanted to make sure that she didn’t share in the ‘jail time’… LOL… After she determined that it was only YogiBear, she had to jump down and go do her ‘you’re in jail and I’m not’ prance back and forth in front of the kennel… She kept coming back to Paul and being reassured that she was not in trouble… Paul is such a pushover for dogs, cats and children~!!…

As Always, Stay Safe, The Lady

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