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Must have been a sour grape!

Tuesday Mar 05, 2002 11:21:00 AM

(excerpt REAL Family Press - 3/5/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson)

The twins have a tendency to hoard cookies and Rogaine is a major tattle tale… If his cookie is taken by either one, Rogaine is right by my side, telling me his tale of woe about it all… “Mommmmm~!!!… YogiBear (BooBooDog) took my cookie and won’t give it back~!!”… LOL… He’s got a full set of phrases to use now that tells me exactly what he wants… Rogaine’s more of a talker than the twins are, so he really gets his message across in a big way…

And if I’ve taken his sweater off during the day and he’s settling in for his evening nap, Rogaine’s got another series of growls, pulling at my sleeve, etc. to let me know he wants his sweater back on (SERIOUSLY!)…

He’ll tolerate me not being on the couch in the family room working throughout the day but come 5-6PM, and he’s ready for his nap, I have to fuss at him… He’ll start pulling at my sweater, trying to drag me into the family room from my desk chair… And if I don’t pay any attention to him at all, he’s apt to nip me in the butt (trust me, THAT gets my attention REAL fast~!!)…

The doc told me to try and get more natural iron into my diet and I love seedless grapes, so when the red ones come into season, I always make sure to have some in the fridge watered up and ready for a quick grab… The puppers believe anything Mom eats is pupper food as well, so they’ll take anything immediately that I offer them (if they’ve seen me eat it first)… The other day, I grabbed some grapes and they were jumping on me to share, so I thought “Why not? Who knows?”…

Well, YogiBear and BooBooDog thought those grapes were something else, but poor Rogaine must have gotten a sour one… Cause he took the grape, bit into it and his upper lips wrinkled up like he’d just bitten into a lemon~!!…

He dropped the grape immediately as his face is all distorted with wrinkles and gave me one of this “How could you” growls with his obvious displeasure at being handed something so disgusting~!!… I about wet myself laughing at him as he shook his head, spit a bit and fussed at me~!!… Guess he doesn’t like grapes~!! … But he sure got his message across…

How says (or believes) “dumb animals” can’t talk?… I know mine can!

As Always, Stay Safe, The Lady

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