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Pupper Capers

Wednesday Mar 13, 2002 11:25:00 AM

(excerpt REAL Family Press - 3/13/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "the Lady")

Mornin, Y’all… Today is a ‘pupper Press’… This summer we have to make another cross-country drive from California to Virginia, so of course it will be in Lucy and with the puppers… With another trip upcoming, I’ve been making a point of walking the puppers in the park every day or so, in the hopes that they’ll re-socialize themselves now to make the trip this summer easier on all of us… And whenever possible, I hook up the harnesses and take them with me on errands so they get used again to getting into the truck, riding, etc.

YogiBear’s sorta/kinda a PITA when traveling as he tends to get nervous, but BooBooDog is a dream to travel with as long as she can get close enough to lay a head on someone’s lap… Generally she curls up immediately and goes to sleep, but Rogaine’s always difficult to find a spot in the back seat as the A/C bothers him, the sun beating in bothers him, etc… What can I say?… LOL... Puppers & kitties are (or should be) treated like members of your family and you do what ya gotta do, ‘cause what they give you back FAR outweighs any extra effort you have to go through…

And because they’re with me 24/7, they also tend to get very protective of me – not allowing people to approach me without causin’ a racket… It’s like having 3 watchdogs for the price (and weight) of one… LOL…

Yesterday was ‘groomer day’ because regardless of what I do, I can’t get them to look like Maggie does… Maggie always manages to get our “mudder” (BooBooDog) back to her normal white self… Clipping the puppers’ nails is well worth the $20 ‘cause they use their ‘fingers’ just like humans do… The longer the ‘fingernails,’ the easier it is for them to get into things they’re not supposed to… LOL… Especially BooBooDog who has learned to open every cabinet and door around here~!!

So I hook up the harnesses yesterday and out we go… I tend to do ‘circle trips’ to save money on gas, so I had errands to run on the ‘circle’ as well… First stop was Blockbuster to drop off the videos from when Des was sick… Don’t ask me why I did this, ‘cause I don’t normally, but as I stopped right by the drop-off slot at Blockbuster, I turned off the truck and pulled the keys with me…

I jumped out and slid the videos through the slot, turned around in just seconds and in that very short period of time, YogiBear had managed to stomp down on every button on my side of the door (which is the master console)…

So not only had he locked very door in the truck, he also managed to lock the windows, etc… LOL… Boy~!! Was I ever glad that I’d taken my keys with me, ‘cause otherwise I’d been in bad shape… No phone to call, my purse inside the truck and the puppers locked inside…

Sometimes it pays to listen to those inner voices we all hear, huh?

Next stop was Petco as all three puppers have recently been in a major ‘chewing mode’… BooBooDog had found some of Paul’s cinnamon hard candies he likes and proudly came trotting down the hall with one in her mouth… Of course, she didn’t bother to take the plastic wrapper off of it… I no sooner turned around yesterday morning and found YogiBear tossing something he’d found up in the air and catching it… Whatever it was, it was not food and for sure would mean an emergency vet visit if he’d eaten it… Maybe they were trying to tell me by being bad they were missing their pigs ears… LOL…

We go into Petco and behind the counter is this fella who’s got one of those “I don’t like my job” kind of attitudes… I walk the puppers on harnesses and they generally walk three across like a mini Clydesdale team… And I’ve taught them to do “left” and “right” by saying it… Makes it much easier to guide the ‘pupper team,’ that’s for sure…

So as I’m going up and down the aisles tryin’ to find what I want, apparently that fella heard me saying ‘left,’ ‘left’, ‘right’, etc. and had to come investigate… He popped just his head ‘round one of the aisles and Rogaine was the first to spot him…

Rogaine did his “I’m a big, bad doggie” charge (yeah, right!!) and the fella backed up without paying attention to where he was and turned over this display of doggie biscuits… LOL… The puppers thought that was great fun, ‘cause here’s all these doggie biscuits scattered all over the floor…

By the time I got them away from the area and the fella had picked up what he spilled, I’m sure the puppers managed to gobble up $10.00 worth of free doggie biscuits… Anything on the floor is fair game to them, ya know?… LOL… Guess that fella won’t be so noisy next time without paying mind to what he’s doing!

Next stop was Maggie, the groomers… And of course, Rogaine had to his ‘protectin’ his momma’ routine, but Maggie’s no pushover and after a few “Hush, Rogaine” comments, off they went to get bathed, nails clipped and BooBooDog’s hair trimming…

About 3 hours later, Maggie calls me to come get them and when I arrived, the entire shop was quiet (more or less)… I peer ‘round the corner to let Maggie know I’m there and Rogaine spots me first… He immediately starts his “mommmmmmmm” whine that he’s now so famous for…

Maggie lets him out of the kennel first and he makes a bee-line to me, jumping up into my lap and knocking me on my butt as he puts both paws ‘round my neck and starts telling me just how badly he’s been treated and how could I go off and abandon him~!!… LOL… He is something else…

And he’s a talkin’… And a talkin’… I start talkin’ back to him to calm him down and as soon as YogiBear and BooBooDog hear my voice, they start adding their list of complaints ‘bout bein’ at the groomers as well… Poor Maggie couldn’t get them out of the kennels fast enough… One by one they all make a beeline to me and all three try to climb into my lap as the two groomers are trying to get their collars and harnesses back on…

By this time, the two Samoyeds there for grooming started their howling to high heaven as well (I guess their owners ‘sweet talk’ to them as well) and they’re fussing to get out of the kennels… As well as the Schnauzer that’s there and finally the Basset Hound put in his two cents worth about it all… LOL…

Poor Maggie~!! There was complete quiet in the shop until I arrived and Rogaine started his talkin’… She couldn’t wait to get me out of the door~!!… … But because Rogaine won’t let anyone touch his toes to have them clipped unless I’m holding him, we’ve got to get that done before I can leave… Geezie, Peezie!

The entire time Maggie is clipping his nails, we’re being serenaded by all seven dogs in the shop~!!.. Rogaine’s cryin’ like he’s being killed and his ‘buddies’ were trying to show their support at the same time… Ever hear Samoyeds ‘howlin’?… It’s like wolves howling at the moon~!!… ROTFLMAO…

YogiBear jumps up on the couch in the waiting room with that of ‘yeah, I know… I go through this all the time with this knucklehead’ look he's so famous for… BooBooDog’s head is swingin’ back and forth between YogiBear and the ruckus in the shop, tryin’ to determine what exactly is going on and if she should be runnin’ for cover or joinin’ in…

Maggie calls my puppers the ‘wanna-be dogs’ but I know she loves them dearly… But I’d wager after yesterday, the price to do the puppers’ grooming might just go up so she can buy ear plugs next time! Talk ‘bout total CANINE CHAOS! Lord have mercy!

As Always, Stay Safe, The Lady

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