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Must be seeing ghosts!! Geesh!!

Thursday Apr 04, 2002 11:41:00 AM

(excerpt - REAL Family Press - 4/4/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "The Lady")

SPECIAL NOTE: this Press was about me being alone while my daughter and husband were back East for a week. I've only included the section about Rogaine here.

But Rogaine takes the cake (was there any doubt?)… Now, I gotta tell ya… I’m no scared nilly-willy… I live in the safest city in America and even when I didn’t, strange noises, sounds and ‘bumps in the night’ just don’t upset me… I move ‘round this house in the dark all the time and I just figure I know where things are better than anyone does even in the daylight… LOL… I’m apt to throw something first and ask questions later…

Generally YogiBear is the “first alert” round here – perking up his ears and lettin’ out the low growl that says he’s defending his territory… But Rogaine has been actin’ beyond weird for the past two days…

Out of an absolute nap, he’ll wake up, “alert” with the ears, stare into the living room or down the hallway and just growl, growl, growl… And he won’t stop growlin until I pick him up and take him wherever he’s growlin at… He won’t go there by himself and will only follow me I go to investigate… (the cowardly chicken whimp), so I have to pick him up and show him there’s nothin’ there…

LOL… He’s gotten so bad ‘bout this that even YogiBear won’t sleep with the puppers now durin’ the day… He prefers to go sleep underneath my desk if we’re in the family room… And if I’m at my desk, YogiBear’s in the family room on the couch… I can’t accurately explain Rogaine’s behavior… It’s like he sees something that’s just not there… A ghost or something... Geesh!

I’ve never seen him be this goofy before (and trust me, of the three, he’s the king of goofy)… He does this new behavior not only during the night (and I left the radio on last night by their kennel in the hopes that it would help), but he does it during the day as well now… And he keeps at it until it ends up setting even your nerves on edge…

Two nights ago when the pool filter kicked on, I thought someone was killin’ him inside his kennel… I’m sure the puppers have heard that pool filter a gazillion times… But for some reason, Rogaine did his “stare and growl” routine for a good 10 minutes, starin’ into the family room as I’ve flown out of bed and down the hallway, tryin to figure out what was goin on (from a sound sleep, mind you)…

This morning, he’s done it twice already… I’m about to ship him into next Tuesday!!! LOL… Either that or call the vet and get some meds to calm him down so I get get some work done ‘round here!

As Always, Stay Safe, The Lady

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