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It's Jammies Time, Didn't Ya Know?

Wednesday Nov 06, 2002 11:48:00 AM

(excerpt - REAL Family Press - 11/06/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "The Lady")

We’re going to meet up with Nanna and Mr. Bill for Thanksgiving with our RV at the Grand Canyon, so I was working on my list for that trip… Everyone is looking forward to this trip, but the Canyon should be cold...

Besides making sure each bed has flannel sheets, I gotta make sure the puppers are prepared for this trip… The Canyon was 19 degrees yesterday morning and all three of the puppers have grown out of their sweaters with the exception of Rogaine… On Friday we have to take them down to the local pet store and get new sweaters…

I’m trying to locate an actual coat for Rogaine because he suffers the worse from heat changes… His sweat glands are located on his feet (unlike the twins), so anything cold, wet or hot in temperature causes him major grief… If I thought he’d keep Mukluks on, I’d invest in them for him… But I’m not so sure he would… But it sure would make it easier to take him outside to go potty when it’s wet or cold…

I tried to explain to the clerk on the phone last night at the pet store that Rogaine’s probably not got more than 100 hairs on his entire body and those are on the top of his head… But I guess the guy’s never seen a hairless dog, ‘cause he couldn’t get the drift of what I was trying to locate…

A few weeks ago, I had to take Desiree to R.E. and Rogaine did not have on his ‘jammies’ (his sweater) before I left… Paul said he looked over and saw Rogaine had his sweater in his mouth and just was staring at him – then he’d look at the garage door where I had disappeared to, and then look back at Paul --- as if to say, “now what??… Momma’s left, I’m cold and I can only get my jimmies off – not back on”…. LOL…

I usually put his sweater on once it starts getting cold in the evenings and if it’s warm during the day, I pull it off because they go in and out all day long… But that particular night I didn’t do it before I left and Rogaine’s not too friendly about anyone else puttin’ it on, although he’s gotten better about it now that I’ve “trained” him and everyone else around here about how to put it on…. LOL…

All three puppers juggle for “THE couch position” and by God, Rogaine will wiggle, squirm and jostle the twins until he gets “the” spot aside of Mom… He usually wins out finally by just laying down on top of whoever has that spot… He’s double the weight of the other two and for some reason, he’s got to be able to touch me in some form or fashion before he finally gets comfortable enough to go to sleep…

Once there, he then “licks” himself to sleep – just like a small child needs a bippy to suck on… First his front feet, then he works his way up to his elbows… If you’re close and exposing bare skin somewhere close to his tongue, you’re apt to get a mini-bath yourself~!!...

When I go fetch Desiree from R.E., I’ve taken to bringin’ Rogaine with me… He’s the best little watchdog in 20 lbs. ‘round… Not that I need one - just more for the company than anything else… No one is allowed to come too close to The Beast when Rogaine’s ridin’ shotgun…

He even gives those pulling up aside of you at a stop light a piece of his mind, making sure they know he’s in charge of security!... He’s got the routine down well now… Once we’re in the parking lot waiting, he’s on ‘dashboard patrol’ and knows exactly where The Des comes out… Soon as he spots her (regardless of how far away it is), that little worm whip tail gets to going… I guess he knows her walk by now, ‘cause he can spot The Sissy from way far away… And she’s guaranteed to get a face wash once she climbs into The Beast, “just cause”… LOL…

It amazes me how integrated these pets become into your life, ya know?... Pets can be problems I guess… The potty-training period with the twins just about drove me nuts… But now?... I don’t really know what we’d do without any of these guys… I guess we’re pretty lucky overall in this regard… They sure keep you busy, but boy, oh boy – do they ever give back tons more than they take… Talk about tons of unconditional love… All of these guys – in their own ways – have given us so much in times of need…

As Always, The Lady

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