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Don't mess with a Redhead!

Monday Dec 02, 2002 12:10:00 PM

(excerpt - REAL Family Press - 12/2/02 - RVing in Lucy at Yuma with Momma and Bill - copyrighted Linda Nelson)

Poor Rogaine did his share of freezing on this camping trip… And growling at anyone that came to close to any of us… LOL...

Saturday night Momma came over to Lucy while the men were sitting outside watching the football game… As Momma opened the door to Lucy, Rogaine charged her and Momma ‘charged him back’ without thinking twice~!!... Talk about a growl from a little ole redheaded lady!... OMG~!!...

Rogaine’s not used to anyone hollering or growling back at him and he turned tail right quick, hiding underneath the table and peering out from underneath the tablecloth with those big expression-filled eyes of his… LOL…

An hour or so later, I guess he figured it was safe to come out and tried to ‘make up’ with Momma… Climbing up on the sofa and gingerly testing the waters, he carefully approached her, nuzzling her ear and when safe, proceeded to luv up on her, washing her face and trying to make ‘nice-nice’… LOL…

I spoil him – well, I guess I spoil everyone around me – so he’s not used to loud voices or being challenged… Talk about a fast attitude adjustment…

Don’t mess with the Nanna, ya know?... And being a redhead on top of it, Momma doesn’t take no stuff from anyone – dog, man or circumstances~!!... LOL…

As Always, The Lady

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