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Sank like a stone - strong like bull!

Saturday Jun 07, 2003 12:18:00 PM

(REAL Family Press - 6/7/03 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "The Lady")

Mornin, Y’all… We’re going through “June Gloom” as they call it out here in Southern California… It’s a pretty natural weather event when most mornings it’s “croggy” as we call it… Overcast, dreary and spits and spats of very light rain…

Poor ole Rogaine though… He’s still wearing his “jammies” most of the day still … Some days I can take them off in the morning and leave them off throughout the day, but most days he’s in his “jammies” from morning to night… He “blackens” in the summer (tans, but in his case, he gets black where the black pigment is)… So even his “summer tan” is behind schedule~!! … LOL…

I sure do love this little ole pup… Before the “green biological disaster” of the pool and it had gotten warmed up, I put all three puppers in the pool to make sure they remembered how to swim and where the steps are… More dogs drown in pools out here because if they don’t know how to get out of the pool - they just swim until they exhaust themselves… Each year I do the trial run with all three and while none of them really care to swim, the twins can swim quite well…

Poor Rogaine – he sinks like a stone though… He’s the bravest about being out and around the pool – especially if I’m there on that side of the fence… But he just doesn’t swim well at all… He’s like this root beer barrel on toothpicks… No meat to his legs (except his hindquarters) and as barrel-chested as can be…

Put him in the water? He gets this panic look on his face and starts paddling like crazy… He’s got to doggy-paddle three times as fast as the twins do for some reason… And once at the steps and firm ground underneath this feet, he just leans into you as if to say “OMG, what did you do to me? PLEASE don’t do it again~!!!!”…

Of the three, Rogaine “listens” the best to me… And he does a lot of “real” listening, if you know what I mean… He can send me more messages with those eyes of his… The twins both have rounded eyes, but Rogaine’s are almond-shaped… Guess that’s why I relate so much more to him than the twins… None of them like to be separated from me, but Rogaine is a major “talker” and if separated, he’ll make sure EVERYONE in the house knows it too!... LOL…

He gets the most teasing of the three by my crew here… Paul calls him “Goofy” all the time and when hearing that word (Goofy), Rogaine immediately lays his ears back… Rogaine’s “spot” is right aside of my left thigh… And if possible, with his head on my thigh as a pillow… If he’s not allowed up on the couch, he will “dance” back and forth in front of the couch, “talking, talking, talking” to anyone that will listen…

YogiBear has this tendency to “master” the couch, if allowed to… He’ll always be the ‘alpha’ in this crew… He will not allow Rogaine to lay on him, but he’s sure not above using some part of Rogaine’s barrel frame as a pillow… So if YogiBear has managed to get on the couch first, he’ll ‘command’ the entire seat of the couch and deny Rogaine the ability to get into “his” spot… LOL…

It’s so funny to watch the three of these puppers interact with each other… The same breed or closely-related breeds, two males and one female, all raised together, but all so uniquely different not only in appearance but in temperament as well…

Rogaine will probably always be more spoiled of the three… I guess because he’s the oddest and needs my ‘protection and support’… LOL… Of the three, he seems to somehow know – don’t ask me how – how I’m feeling… He’s sorta/kinda a bit lazy though... If I leave and head to the back of the house, he’ll ‘alert’ and listen… He just about knows how much time it takes for a normal potty break… And if for some reason, I’m longer than the usual, he leaves his spot and comes to the bathroom door… When I open the bathroom door, there he sits waiting…

If it’s a really long potty break, he’ll start scratching at the door and “talking”… And if you don’t let him in, he’ll get louder and louder until you’re afraid he’ll end up scratching the door with his nails…

Rogaine’s got a whole series of sounds when he “talks”… After awhile you get to know what he’s trying to tell you between the body language and the sounds… Paul’s just now starting to be able to interpret it because Rogaine will tell you when he wants to go potty, when he just wants to play or when he really wants to go to sleep or get his “jammies” put on… Just takes a bit of practice to understand what he’s trying to tell you…

He's also a bit sneaky too… If someone comes to the house that he doesn’t care for, or the person gets too close to me for Rogaine’s liking, he will try and work his way around behind the person, looking for an opportunity to nip them in the butt (his favorite spot to nab if allowed)… We've been working diligently on this behavior of his to stop it... (sigh)...

A few weeks ago I had someone here doing something to Paul’s computer and I had to put Rogaine on his leash because he kept trying to nip the guy in the butt… I put the handle of his leash underneath the leg of my computer trolley and without warning, Rogaine took off after the guy, dragging my trolley and computer right along with him… The computer trolley is not light at all, so how he managed to dig in and pull it, surprised me… He got stopped only when the electrical cord length stopped him… But he sure tried~!!... LOL…

Yep, he’s one strange little pupper, but he’s a real sweetie~!!... He might look a bit strange, and have strange ways, but he’s as attached to me as could be… It’s almost as if he knows what I’m thinking at times… And if I’m feeling a bit down, he’ll do things (almost) that are funny as if to make me laugh on purpose… Yep, he’s a clown, a bit too sensitive and too attached at times, but he’s one of my best friends… One can never have too many, huh?

As Always, The Lady

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