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sOuNd TriP

Sunday Sep 12, 2010 12:33:00 AM

heY eveRyOne . . . juz wonderiN if it's pOssibLe to put SOUNDS in our pRofiLe account? If it is, can anyOne out here give me some instructions coz i wanted to heAr some MUSIC on my page . . . maNy thaNks!

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Posted By: PaRiS 2011/05/19 11:26:02 AM
@ashiya: Pwahahaha! ProPs Lan yan. . . WaLa taLaga sounds yan!

Posted By: Ashiya 2011/05/14 04:28:43 AM
Ang ganda ng headphone mo, Ate PaRis. Paheram? hahaha. di pa ko nakakaexperience ng ganyan eh. marami kasi akong kahati dto sa bahay. apat kami. yung isa, yung anak ko. hahaha. kaya pinagbibigyan ko na. pero kay shaquil at saver, d tlga pwede. hahahahahah

Posted By: PaRiS 2010/10/17 07:35:29 AM
Thanks RainBow, hehe!

Posted By: Rainbow 2010/10/09 10:09:33 PM
ang cool! nawindang akooo!

Posted By: PaRiS 2010/09/13 09:31:28 PM
@Pike: Oist preggy ka noH? hee-hee! KaLa ko ba SUPERDOG Ka dyan. . . . O sha-sha, HOPE YA FEEL BETTER SOON!

Posted By: PaRiS 2010/09/13 09:29:21 PM
@Kuya Epoy: BaKit sha suKa-suKa??? High-bLood na ata kaka-kaen ng roast beef!

Posted By: PaRiS 2010/09/13 09:27:52 PM
@LucKy: suSkoh po, indi ko naman BF yan si Pike eh!

Posted By: lucky 2010/09/13 08:43:03 PM
wat happened kay tisoy? ok n b xa? woi paris hilton wag m n inaaway BF m.. may sakit n nga ung aso eh.. hehehe..

Posted By: EPOY 2010/09/13 07:56:17 PM
Ay, di daw pala puwede makipag-away kasi may sakit - nagsusuka si Tisoy since yesterday. Ibabalik siya sa vet today, Tuesday. Hindi pa nga makakain eh.

Posted By: EPOY 2010/09/13 07:51:12 PM
Hehehe mukhang may awayan na naman.

Posted By: PaRiS 2010/09/13 07:21:57 AM
OisT Pike, bat ba naNgEngElaM ka ng tRiP? gusTo ko may sOunds eh! @ LucKy: YeaH Boy. . . .cHiLLLL :0)

Posted By: lucky 2010/09/12 10:39:32 PM
ok nga eh.. cool.. break it down yall..

Posted By: TISOY 2010/09/12 09:26:01 PM
Naku, paingay lang yan, hehehe.

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