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Vote Kemper 06

Friday Sep 08, 2006 08:48:00 PM

"A vote for Kemper is a vote for all animal prosperity, a toy in every room and a treat in every belly" my mom says that should be my campaign slogan :) Our whole family is getting into this pester of the week/month thing, cause they all know how cute I am in person. I say it dosn't matter who wins, all the money goes to charity, but I do agree with Chubbs, what about all the other species that co-exist on this site, time for some change, time for a smally furry to take charge and win, win, win! *note to reader* in real life Kemper is the most competative animal I have ever seen, he does everything faster than Mocha, and if she gets to someplace of interest before him he pushes her away, like in their hammock, or he has to be the first one feed or the first one out of the cage or he sulks... he is the MAN OF THE CAGE :) what a funny little animal!

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Posted By: 2006/09/11 02:35:50 PM
Hey Ill vote for you! Will you vote for me?

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