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How do you say Chnichilla in Japanese?

Thursday Oct 19, 2006 03:24:00 PM

How do you say Chnichilla in Japanese? Hmmm... you don't, well I don't because apparantly I don't speak very good Japanese. Neither does my mom so she came back home. Well I know that is not the real reason she came home after only a week in Japan, but I like to think Mocha and I had something to do with it. We were sooooooo excited to see our mom! I thought Mocha was going to cry she was so excited! Then my mom said she was never ever going any place without us again... I'm going to hold her to that, plus I'll make sure she brings along our dad too. I guess the compnay mom was to work for wasn't very nice to her, she tried to stick it out but after she decided not to work for them she had no job, no $$$, and no place to live. Tokyo is one of the most expensive places to live in so she couldn't be there with no $$$. I'm sad my mom had to give up on her dream, but I sure am happy she is home -she gives us the good treats, the rubbies on our noses and noggins and of course she dosn't yell at us when we make lotsa noise at 3 am. Welcome home mommy! Mocha and I missed you lots!!!

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Posted By: 2006/10/19 07:51:16 PM
Sorry your mommy gave up her dream,but I'm sure she knew it was the correct choice. You must have been happy she came home! Daddy and me together for that long would drive me nuts! Piano,piano,PIANO! That's all it would be! TOL

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