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Rest In Peace Kemper

Sunday Jan 28, 2007 09:56:00 PM

Kemper passes away tonight. It was all very unexpected. Last night when mom and dad got home he wasn't lookin to good, kinda sleepy and lazy like, but the big clue that he was sick was when he refused a raisin -can you imagie that?- thats when mom knew he was sick, but it was 3am and there are no clinics in central NY close enough to go to/ or that take care of chins. Mom waited till today to find a vet to help Kemper -our old one no longer works around here- and mom spent 3 hours on the phone trying to find someone to help us. The Cornel University Animal Hospital was not very interested in helping us, so mom took Kemper to a close by local vet she found. By then Kemper couldn't move, he was very week and I -Mocha- had to support him with my own body, but I was glad to help. The vet told mom that Kemper's heart wasn't beating right, it wasn't pumping blood to his body or his brain and that there wasn't a lot she could do. He got a special shot and we all hoped and prayed he would come out of it, but only a few hours after leaving the vet he died. Mom and dad are still very sad, and it hurts me to see them cry, all I can do is cuddle up on them and hope they know I am there to help. Of course I too am sad, now I have to live all alone in this big cage and I have no one to snuggle with. I am already very lonely without my big buddy. Dad says he misses his "little man" and mom is still in disbelief. We just thought that everyone should know that Kemper has passed on. He was not in any pain and nor did he suffer. He was held in lovong arms the entire day and never once was he outr of our thoughts, hearts, and prayers. He lead the best life a chinchilla could ever imagine and we consider ourselves lucky to have known and loved him. We would like to thank all the people of Petster who have taken the time to talk, get to know, write emails, vote and pat Kemper to know all your love and kindness was/is greatly appreciated and that this site and it memories will be greatly treasured by our mom forever. -Love, Mocha-

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Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/06/10 02:37:03 AM
I'm so sorry for your loss I'm glad Kemper had loving hands to hold him as he was made to take this sad journey:(

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/02/02 09:16:54 PM
We are all very saddened by Kemper's unexpected passing. My Mom posted a nice memoriam to him on our club site. Tell your Mom that he was lucky to have such a great and caring soul as she is to love him so, and that we will all miss seeing his pictures.

Posted By: Lola Honey Bunny 2007/01/29 06:44:17 AM
Mama, Big Bunny and myself are very sorry about the loss of Kemper. I'll bet he was a wonderful Chin, chin. Keep hanging in there. Our thoughts are with you all. Bunny kisses to you, Mocha. Love, Lola H. Bunny

Posted By: 2007/01/28 10:21:47 PM
Oh no!!!!!!!!!! Poor little guy:""< I'll give a pat to the both of you at such a sad time :< I'll look fur you at the bridge....this is so shocking to my little ears!

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