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Trainer Experience

Thursday May 31, 2007 09:59:00 PM

Today I met my trainer... he is the best at working with large doggies. We had to drive half an hour to see him in the country where he raises and breeds his own big doggies. He had a lot of things for me to sniff and play with and I got to see many other dogs... seeing being the key word... I was having a good time until he showed mom and dad how to discipline me properly. I don't know why they don't like it when I bite them, it is only puppy love :) But there was good news too! The trainer says that I should be easy to train and be a good doggie with the right love and care... I will be 80 pounds when I grow up, so none of those pesky stray cats in my yard will be able to beat me up like they have been doing this past week. I came when I was called and hardly bit while I was there, as I was on my best behavior. In a weeks time I hope to have curbed my nasty habit of biting mommies feet... SHE HOPES SO TOO! But the best news by far was that the one cup of food the breeder says I should have a day is wrong... I should get 4 cups of food! Yay! More food!!! Plus, mom and dad are considering putting me on the all meat diet... well some kibble, but mostly meat... I think yum, yum, yum!

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Posted By: THOR 2007/06/04 05:36:24 PM
Mom has taught me how to "come" and "sit" which I like because it involves CHEESE!

Posted By: Tavi 2007/06/02 11:27:32 AM
When you are 80 pounds, biting them won't be puppy love. You will probably will need a lot of excersie as you get older. Tell your humans to ask the trainer about teaching you scootering. I do this and it's much fun!

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