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Do Not Eat Batteries!

Sunday Nov 25, 2007 04:08:00 AM

I will eat anything... ANYTHING at all within my reach. I tear up and eat card board boexs, plastic cups, sticks, gravel, leaves, carved halloween pumpkins, chinchilla pellets, paper towels, carpet fuzz,pens, pencils, letters in the mail, styrofoam packing peanuts... really anything. Not that my mom lets me eat this stuff, I just grab it and tear it up and eat it and the mom chases me to get it out of my mouth and I swalow it to spite her. But this time I messed up big time, this time I ate a AA battery. Dad forgot that I am like a small child and you should keep tiny objects away from my reach or I will eat them (of course he denies that he left the batteries out on the coffee table) but anyways there they were some batteries on the coffee table, I had just finished molesting my moms fav pair of Ugg boots, she chased me and I chewed on them some more, when *gasp* there were these tasty looking treats, almost like snausages, gold and black snausages, I dropped the boot and took one in my mouth, and mom continues to chase me and yell. Dad was in bed asleep. Mom caught me and took the battery out of my mouth, then she went to see where I had taken it from, there were no other batteries. Now mom assumed that there was atleast another battery because most of the time you use them in pairs, so upstairs she went to ask dad a) why did you leave batteries on the table? b) what did the batteries come out of? & c) how many batteries were there? To which dad replied, what batteries, I didn't put any batteries there, I have no idea what you are talking about. Mom is now very upset, dad goes down to look at the battery and where it came from, and he finds 3 other batteries on the same table but rolled under something, now mom is ever more upset, batteries in 3's or is 4's is there another battery and did I eat it? The mystery begins. All the next day mom feeds me good, and then stares at me while I go to the bathroom, the neighbors must think she is some crazy weirdo, but she dosn't care. I am fine and battery free all day, mom is relieved!!! But the next day she is not so lucky... in the am I feeling funny and she can hear my tummy making all kinds of crazy gurgling sounds, she takes me out and I throw-up gross yellow foam, but no battery. I refuse to eat or drink, and mom has to go into work to cover for someone and is afraid to leave me all alone. I try to go to the bathroom, but can not go. Mom goes to work and calls my dr, but he is in surgery all day and can see no one, they say call other vets around town. My dr says sounds like I ate the battery and may be poisoned, that I need an x-ray, now mom is panicing. She tries Shadow & Tinsels dr, but they are in surgery till afternoon and then booked. Mom trys everyone, except the crazy lady who shall remain nameless, but we do not like because of shady business practices. Only one place can see me, they are the most expensive vet in town, mom calls them last, good news, they can take me, but mom has to drop me off asap. But he lady says the dr is in surgery until 1pm, but I must get dropped off at noon, they say the dr will see me when he can in between other patients, so mom asks if she can bring me at 4pm when she gets out of work so she can stay with me, the lady says yes but that I would have to stay the night, mom is like WHAT? WHY? then they say I need to have anesthsia (spelling?) to have an x-ray, mom says WHY? they say so I will stay still, and that I could not be releaseduntil the anesthsia wears off, so I would have to spend the night (WHAT and pay a boarding fee too mom thinks) Mom is not having any of this, and knows that they are the last resort. Mom calls my dr back, and pleeds with them to take me, but no go, mom is very upset, she even goes to places after work in person to try and guilt them to take me as I may be poisoned and dying but still everyone is "in surgery" or "booked with appointments" how wonderful, I may be dying and no one will see me!!! We do not have an emergency vet in our small city, so mom racks her brain and then someone suggets a small vets office in a near-by town, mom calls and they say if I get there by 5 I can get my x-ray. Mom is so happy and thankful. We go and mom waits and waits and waits, then we go into a tiny room and dad lifts me on the table, WHAT no anesthia? mom asks, and the dr responds that they don't need it (now mom knows the other vet is just trying to rip people off and is not a nice place to go to). I sit on table, roll on my side, people leave room, dr holds me still for 2 secs, pic takes 1 sec and we are done. X-ray shows??? No battery. Either I had already passed it out of my system or I never ate one. Mom is so happy and so relieved!!! $70 was worth her peace of mind. We go home, and I go under the table where I had been ripping up an old box and chewing on it, when I start to choke on a piece, mom comes running over and she starts picking up the shredded box off the floor, and there under a piece of box, under a chair leg, under the table, was THE BATTERY!!! Mom was happy for many reasons, first that I did not get the chance to REALLY eat the battery, second that there was another battery like she had assumed, and finally that she was not crazy for being worried.

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Posted By: Chasel Tiny 2007/12/06 12:49:09 AM
WOW glad you're ok man.

Posted By: Honey 2007/12/05 10:51:21 AM
Thor! We're glad you are feeling better

Posted By: THOR 2007/11/25 04:51:14 AM
Oh my this is a long story!!!

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