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animal rescues in our area

Sunday Jan 07, 2007 06:47:00 AM

its good to see that the H.S helps animals in other areas but the sad truth about ours is they dont help any one. I have met many people in and around dalton who have either tried to get help from them or adopt a pet from them and the sad thing is they were turned down. if you find a homless pet around here and you call the H.S they will tell you point blank to send it to the pound. and the pound puts animals to sleep that very day. if you want to adopt a pet from the H.S you must go to one of the biger cities because ours just doesnt take any in. its a shame too. i see donation boxes all over our town for them and up untill last year i use to give. it makes me wonder what in the world they do with the money. i wish i knew who to contact about this. i just wish i could get enough people in dalton to either shut down our dog pound or have them investagated or something. its awful. i want to thank all the ones that do help animals and i pray something is done about the ones who dont.

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Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/01/09 07:19:24 AM
That is very sad.... I know our local HS doesn't take in stray animals unless they have been abused ... if they are healthy they have to go to the local shelter... maybe contact the Humane Society of the United States

Posted By: Mischief 2007/01/08 07:34:48 PM
Have you thought about getting other animal loving people together and opening a no kill shelter? There are quite a few of them out here, and they do alot of good.

Posted By: 2007/01/07 05:07:57 PM
Geez doesn't sound like a very nice place:< Perhaps you could contact the maneger of the pound about their care/conserns for the pets? If they dont make alot of sense or dont really say much I suggest not dealing with them at all. Good Luck!

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