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Sep 19, 2006 August 2006 Petster Winner

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August 2006 Petster Winner

Tuesday Sep 19, 2006 05:09:00 PM

Petster Ambassador Louise Presents First Check

Congratulations Dean-O!, on winning $1,000 for the American Fox Terrier Rescue ! I was so honored and excited to be able to present the "Petster of the Month" check to the Rescue organization that visions of Terriers danced in my head the whole night before. Needless to say, I made myself a big old cup of Dancing Terrier coffee before I headed out the door the next morning.

I drove out to Camano Island in Washington State to meet your local Fox Terrier Rescue representative, Jake. It seems that Jake is not a condo in the city kind of Terrier, so his mom purchased him a beautiful house on a terraced piece of land with a gorgeous water view, plus pink and purple rock roses for him to sit in the shade and admire. This was a garden any Fox Terrier would be happy to get his paws into, and Jake appeared the perfect gentleman who would have happily shared his good fortune with you, Dean-o - and maybe even his favorite red-bird toy, too!

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Upon arriving at the Terrier Rescue, Jake bounded over, Bird clutched firmly between his teeth. He'd just spent two weeks running free on the beach and was doggone excited (if you'll all forgive the pun) to help his fellow Terriers put that $1,000 to good use. Jake let it be known that, while he was impressed that Dean-o got so many votes, he wasn't at all surprised that an American Fox Terrier won for Petster of the Month. Terriers are so friendly and smart, how could it have been otherwise, his sparkling eyes declared.

True to the breed, Jake was full of energy, confidence and a snuggly charm I couldn't resist. Does he love me for my oversized Petster check or for myself, I wondered. Oh, who cares? He's so cute! And after the short time it took him to win me completely over, he turned his full attention to Bird so that his mom could get a chance to talk with me a bit about the American Fox Terrier Rescue charity.

Jake's mom filled me in as to how the American Fox Terrier Rescue has grown rapidly in recent years, and that the internet has been a wonderful help in getting the word out about this caring organization and what it does for Terriers in need. Another reason for the Rescue's success is the dedication of its many volunteers to their individual tasks -- tasks that all come together to serve the Rescue Operation as a whole. Very efficient and well organized, I couldn't help but note, but of course you wouldn't expect less of a place that's devoted to supporting the intelligent American Fox Terrier breed!

I think Jake actually said that to me, but I couldn't be sure. His mouth was full of bird toy.

But enough chat - Jake decided it was all about him again and simply had to show off a few tricks, with Bird of course. And even though I was having such a great time with Jake, his mom and his fantastic doghouse, it was soon time to make the trek back home. So some last Terrier cuddles and off I went. All I could hear was Jake crying as I walked to my car and that made it instantly clear to me: it wasn't the Petster of the Month check he loved, after all -- he loved ME!!!

Thanks Dean-o for helping dogkind so generously, and thanks Jake for sharing Bird.


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Posted By: 2006/10/13 02:35:07 PM
Congrats! It's cool that they made blogs in honor of the winners!

Posted By: Rogaine 2006/10/10 01:43:02 AM
Too cool! My mom registered me and my three other pack mates - all rescues - in the hopes that we can win this month's check for the Ventura County Animal Regulation (evacuators for the Day Fire that burned out here in CA) - vote for me! Please!

Posted By: Brandy 2006/10/09 01:06:58 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/08 03:46:38 PM
Congratulations** BOL!

Posted By: 2006/10/08 03:46:25 PM
Xongratulations Dean-O!

Posted By: Owbo 2006/09/28 06:59:07 PM

Posted By: rocky 2006/09/26 06:47:54 PM

Posted By: Molly O. Webb 2006/09/24 01:49:24 PM
Congratulations! Now vote for me and spread the love!

Posted By: 2006/09/23 10:38:02 AM
yay jake :-D BOL

Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/09/23 09:14:03 AM
Thank you Jake for standing in for me to accept that nice big Petster cheque for AFTR. The money will help abused & neglected Wire fox terriers & Smooth fox terriers to find loving forever homes ':}

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